A: Yes - however they will need to be hired by People Outdoors to do so.

People Outdoors have amazing team of experienced staff, from diverse backgrounds who will support you on camp. 

If you (or your camper) would feel more comfortable with your own Carer (who you are already familiar with), then this is possible, however the Support Worker would need to be hired as an employee of People Outdoors. The Support Worker would undergo the same checks and induction as all PO staff, including Police Checks, Working with Children Checks, training requirements, etc. These are required prior to any staff member (paid or volunteer) supporting a camper on program.

This enables our camp staff to operate cohesively as a team in supporting all participants.

PLEASE NOTE: A longer 'lead time' will be required prior to attending a camp with your own support worker.

Please contact the office if you have any queries on 03 9863 6824.