At People Outdoors we offer camps for people with disabilities. Our programs include overnight through to week long
camps which provide people with disabilities the opportunity to experience the social and developmental benefits of adventure
outdoors. Each program caters for different support levels (staff:camper)

How much support do you need?

1:3 Support 1:2 Support 1:1 Support
  • A person who is independent in all areas of personal care including toileting, showering and brushing teeth (may just require prompting).
  • Can eat independently, make drinks for themselves and has good communication/social skills.
  • Understands road rules, social settings and can stay with the group on outings.
  • Requires prompting or some assistance with showering, toileting and brushing teeth.
  • May require prompting to pick appropriate clothes and get ready for the day.
  • May need supervision or help eating or using cutlery.
  • May need staff to look after spending money and help with daily living choices.
  • Requires closer supervision in the community and on outings.
  • May display mild to moderate behaviours of concern.
  • Participants who use manual or electric wheelchair and require assistance.
  • A person that needs full assistance with personal care such as showering, toileting and brushing teeth and full assistance with dressing.
  • Has special requirements during meal times and needs assistance to eat.
  • Requires full assistance and constant supervision in the community.
  • May have challenging behaviours.
  • May have limited social skills

All campers support needs are discussed prior to attending camp during the intake process.  Campers support needs are constantly monitored and reviewed after each program. NDIS packages are NOT required to join us on camp - contact us to find out what options are available for you.

If you have any questions regarding the support ratios and programs at People Outdoors, please don't hesitate to contact us on 03 9863 6824.