I have been a volunteer for People Outdoors since 2002. I have now been on more than 100 camps – and counting! 

The decision to volunteer was an easy one for me - I saw it as a great opportunity to combine the great outdoors with my passion for recreation and working with people with disabilities.

Volunteering for People Outdoors has been an incredibly rewarding experience that has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and has been instrumental in developing my skills.

One of the elements that I am most passionate about is removing the ‘cotton wool’ from campers by providing them with the support they need to take calculated risks to reach their full potential. The great outdoors sets the perfect stage for this.

The camps organised by People Outdoors vary in size and the level of care provided and include day trips, overnight stays and weekends away. Camps are seasonal so there’s always variety for our campers.

The People Outdoors community is a pleasure to be a part of. I am so grateful for the friendships I’ve forged and the skills I’ve been able to instill in campers and the skills the campers have instilled in me.

Volunteering for People Outdoors is something I’d strongly encourage those seeking a career in outdoor recreation. It is also a great opportunity to see different parts of the state of Victoria.