img: Christian D bike rideChristian has been coming along to People Outdoors camps since 2019 and has shared with us some of his favourite things about People Outdoors camps.

What was a camp activity that you really enjoyed?

I really liked all the activities but my favourite would have to be the flying fox.

Why did you want to go to People Outdoors camps?

I really enjoy going to the camps provided by People Outdoors because it allows you to be around great people, who share similar interests and qualities to you. The camps are always so well run and enjoyable.

Was there anything you were surprised that you enjoyed on camp?

I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed Hut Building.

What sort of activities are there?

The various activities I have participated in are: The flying fox, Archery, pizza making, mini golf, basketball, the giant swing, damper making, movie night, milkshake bikes, frisbee golf, mountain bike riding, pool party, free time, marshmallows on the fire, bird watching, eating all the food lol and talking to people.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened on camp?

The funniest thing on camp for me was a cockatoo who had the funniest body and facial expressions I have ever seen.

Why did you choose People Outdoors?

That question is so easy to answer :). I choose People Outdoors because they are fantastic.

Did you make many friends on camp?

I haven't been able to see anyone outside of camp unfortunately. Whilst at camp though I enjoyed everyone's company.

Do you have any stories you would like to share with us?

If I had to choose a story. The story would have People Outdoors in it and the YMCA.