Camps at People Outdoors are a great opportunity to try something that you have never tried before. Activities like the Giant Swing, Canoes, Archery, Flying Fox, Bush Craft, Low Ropes are just some of the led outdoor activities that you may experience on camp. People Outdoors can help you choose the camp the camp program best suited for you to ensure that you can get the most out of it. Let's learn more about the types of activities you may participate in whilst on a camp with People Outdoors.

Giant Swing
The Giant Swing is the perfect way to conquer your fear of heights. An instructor helps attach and harness you onto the swing. You are pulled up to your desired height on the swing which could be as high as a power pole. You then pull the ripcord to release and start swinging! It is an exciting activity engaging the your fellow campers as they help you reach new heights!

Usually in groups of two, we get in our life jackets and learn how to use the paddles to control the canoe. The only thing propelling a canoe is your strength and the paddle. Working as a team on the canoe you can turn the boat in various directions and even have a races with others on the dam or lake.

Archery is the perfect way to feel like you have stepped back in time to the Middle Ages. It provides you with a sense of personal achievement and perseverance. An instructor will work with you to perfect your technique with the aim of getting a bull’s eye! Our wonderful People Outdoors support staff will also be there to help encourage everyone too.

Flying Fox
A flying fox (sometimes known as a zipline) is another activity requiring a helmet and harness. Feel like your flying as you zip along the wire from point A to point B - sometimes you might even zip across a dam or lake before you're helped off the fox. It is a lot of fun and similar to the Giant Swing an instructor gives you all the detailed information you need to confidently sail through the air.

Bush Craft
Bush craft is a chance to learn some new skills such as building shelters or starting a fire. It is a great chance to pick up a skill that will make you set for life.

Low Ropes
The Low Ropes Course tests your balance and teamwork. Constructed with cable, wood and, of course, rope, these courses are constructed to challenge you and promote working together.

On every People Outdoors camp you're provided with all the specialist equipment required to participate along with instruction from the camps activity staff.

So what are you waiting for?! Check out our upcoming camps and try something new with People Outdoors!